Hi, I’m Steffen, I live in Ghent, Belgium. I like to think about the functionality of everyday objects and how I would approach them if I reinvented the object. Can those objects be improved upon or can they be simplified? Keeping the ‘form follows function’ principle in mind.


The name I give to everything I design and make. A dodecahedron is a platonic solid, one step up from a cube. I started making things using a 3D printer. I think this is a powerful tool and I generally initiate the design process with a 3D printed prototype. Dodecahedron is a platonic love story about the realization of abstract 3 dimensional shapes into everyday objects.


I love plants, but why are there so few decorative plant pots with holes in them?

I tried to make my own, with some design features inside. The tapered shapes of both pot and saucer are aligned to make for a minimalistic look. This has been an exercise of how to get from prototype to end product, gradually improving the work method along the way.


Expanding the plant pot collection. This hanging pot, with a reservoir for excess water, was designed in collaboration with Little green stories.


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